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Our families and children bring us life’s greatest joy and our most endearing relationships. When you decide to make an addition to your family by adoption, the attorneys at Sanders • Pianowski have the experience, resources and knowledge to guide you through the process and to facilitate the completion of your family. We are prepared to obtain adoptions in Indiana and Michigan, and we have successfully assisted petitioners in an extensive number of procedures through the years, including stepparent and grandparent adoptions, as well as private placement adoptions.

Our attorneys are meticulous, efficient and thorough in completing the statutory requirements needed for the adoption and, if necessary, the termination of a natural parent’s rights through the litigation process.

Our experience in this area provides assurance to clients that the adoption process will be completed properly, expeditiously and economically, and that the family is protected against any subsequent claim by a putative or natural parent whose parental rights had been terminated. You can rest assured that every detail and legal requirement of your adoption procedure will be fully satisfied.

Our attorneys who practice in the area of Adoption:

Matthew A. Yeakey

Matthew A. Yeakey

Attorney at Law, Partner Licensed in Indiana

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